Cheese Sauce Powder

Cheese Sauce Powder mix based on Cheddar Cheese and Solids Cheese. This vegetarian Cheese Sauce Powder mix is one of the classics cheese sauces and cheese dressings mix in our healthy product line. A tasty treat that fits well within the daily hot meal. It is also great on a burgers bun topped with vegetables and sauce. This Cheese Sauce powder mix is enriched with vitamins and minerals, making it a full-fledged meal component.

Shelf live – 14 months. Kosher and Halal certified.


Cheddar Cheese, solid cheese, skim milk solids, corn starch, wheat flower (salt, citric acid, soy bean oil, natural flavor, paprika.

Nutrition value per 100g

Energy 485 kCal
Fat 26.0 g
Protein 9.5 g
Cholesterol 0.3 g
Sodium 0.9 g
Carbohydrate 49.0 g
Sugar 0.6 g
Dietary Fiber 0.6 g
Iron 0 mg
Salt 0.55 g
Vitamin A, D 0
Vitamin B12 ug<1 μg

Method of preparation:

The preparation is very simple: 100 grams of Cheese Sauce powder, mix with 0.4 liters of cold water, blend thoroughly in a pan for the top of the stove. On a medium high heat, stirring constantly, cook until the sauce has your desired thickness. This formulation is good for topping a burger, macaroni and cheese, potato casserole, on vegetables, on pasta.

This cooking instructions for the Cheese Dressing powder when using as a dressing-sauce, 100grams grams of Cheese Sauce powder add to 0.6 liters of cold water and put in a pan for the top of the stove, on medium high heat, stirring constantly, cook until the dressing has your desired thickness. This dressing is good for salads, on top of french fries, broccoli, carrots, beans, tacos, nacho chips.

Cheese Sauces powder Varieties:

Cheddar cheese, Bree cheese, Romano cheese, Parmesan cheese, Blue cheese, Roquefort cheese, Truffle cheese.

PDF – Cheese Sauce Powder

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