100% Pure, Instant Spray Dried Coffee Blends.

Bio Factor Group's 100% Pure, with no preservatives or any chemicals added Instant, Spray Dried Coffee Blends may contain instant: chicory, roasted barley, roasted rye and green coffee beans extract (GCBE). Instant Spray Dried Coffee Blends are produced from carefully selected, high quality chicory roots, high food grade Barley grains, and premium quality green coffee beans. The manufacturing of the final products takes place via a natural purified water extraction process of roasted chicory roots, roasted barley and rye grains. Vacuum concentration process allows maximum retention of natural vitamins and minerals. There are no preservatives or any chemicals added during the entire production process. It is a healthy, tasty hot or cold beverage with exquisite taste and aroma and a wealth of health benefits. Free of any pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMO), unadulterated, and safe for consumption.

Additional Information

• Excellent alternative for those who prefer healthy lifestyle and still want to have a morning cup of fresh, tasty brew;
• A healthy product or ingredient for diet and weight loss products – great source of dietary fiber;
• Coffee Blends options with different coffee content and final quality are available;
• Custom combinations and different proportions are available upon client request;
• Coffee Blends are available with US FDA approved extracts and flavors. Great variety of available aromas and extracts that are, long lasting, thermo and heat stable;
• Please, refer to our website designated section, INSTANT EXTRACTS AND FLAVORS, containing more details and full list of available flavors and extracts.


• Safely packed for shipping 25-30 kg. Net in double zipped, food grade poly bags in double wall corrugated carton box.

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