100% Pure, Roasted Ground Chicory and Roasted Ground Chicory/Roasted Ground Coffee Blends.

Bio Factor Group's 100% Pure, no preservatives or any chemicals added Roasted Ground Chicory and Roasted Ground Coffee Blends. It is tasty, healthy hot beverage with exquisite taste and aroma and a wealth of health benefits. It is also a natural source of inulin (a form of natural dietary fiber), vitamins and minerals. Free of any pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMO), unadulterated, and safe for consumption.

Additional Information

• A healthy ingredient or a product for diet and weight loss products – rich in dietary fibers and inulin;
• Several blend options with different coffee content are available
• Ground Roasted Chicory is a naturally caffeine free product and is widely used as healthy roasted ground coffee substitute;
• Blends are available with US FDA approved extracts and flavors. Great variety of available aromas and extracts that are, long lasting, thermo and heat stable;
• Please, refer to our website designated section, INSTANT EXTRACTS AND FLAVORS, containing more details and full list of available extracts and flavors;
• Custom compositions and combinations are available.


• Safely packed for shipping 25-30kg. Net in double zipped, food grade poly bags in double wall corrugated carton box.

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