About Us

Our team was formed in 1994 working successfully on coffee and coffee substitutes markets

About Us

Bio Factor Group is a Direct Manufacturing Group. Our Group's passion is a collective and concerted effort and dedication of our technologists, technicians, testers, factories crews and customer service teams to be one step ahead of the industry of instant hot beverages. We are here to meet every day challenges to produce and deliver healthy, tasty and cost efficient products to our customers around the world.

Bio Factor Group is headquartered in New Jersey, USA. Over twenty years since our formation in 1994 we have grown into a worldwide coffee and healthy hot beverages manufacturer. Bio Factor Group a Direct Manufacturing Group was established in 2010, following the new market trends focusing on healthy products and healthy lifestyle, by our team.

Today, Bio Factor Group using careful selection of high grade materials, blending, roasting, extracting techniques, produces 100% natural, spray dried bulk of: instant chicory, instant green coffee bean extract, instant barley, instant barley malt, and instant rye. In our effort for sustaining the utmost levels of quality, Bio Factor Group also creates and develops custom healthy formulas for instant beverages based upon on client's specifications. Using the unique technologies combined with expertise and experience of our team our specialization is in healthy hot beverages, coffee substitutes, coffee blends, cereal blends, natural instant flavors and extracts for hot beverages.

We carry forward our long standing position of following the latest healthy trends and continue introducing the wide array of healthy products with therapeutic properties. The manufacturing of the final products takes place with no chemicals or preservatives used or added during the entire production cycle, which allows maximum retention of natural vitamins and minerals.
All of our products are Free of any pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMO), unadulterated, and safe for consumption.

Our manufacturing facilities are strategically placed in the regions native to the raw materials used in our products, which allows us to provide unbeatable prices on the marketplace.
Bio Factor Group mission is to consistently exceed expectations of our customers in delivering exceptional products with the greatest service possible and balancing priorities of our customers. Our customer service is the result of many years in the business and our team's professional skills.

Creativity, acceptance of new ideas, being open-minded and flexible to the needs of our clients and market demands, makes us confident that our strategy is correct. Every client receives the same complete and undivided attention from our customer service staff. We want our clients to be sure they are receiving the best product and service and that their interests and reputations are well protected – as distributors, dealers or agents. While we want our company to grow, we can only do so by helping our clients grow with us.

Instant Chicory, Instant Barley, Coffee Substitutes, Morganville, NJ