Bio Factor produces healthy hot beverages based on 100% pure and natural ingredients utilizing unique manufacturing technologies. We produce 100% natural, spray dried bulk of: instant chicory, instant green coffee bean extract, instant barley, instant barley malt, and instant rye. Our specialty is custom formula creation and development according to the requirements set out by clients of healthy hot beverages, coffee substitutes, coffee blends, cereal blends, natural instant flavors and extracts based on US Food and Drug Administration approved for hot beverages extracts.

Careful selection of high quality grade raw materials, unique extraction techniques, various intensities of roasting temperature (light, medium or dark), and the right proportion, will create a unique composition to meet our client's requests and demands. Our products are manufactured during natural, purified water extraction processes with no chemicals or preservatives used or added during the entire production cycle and are concentrated under vacuum, which allows maximum retention of natural vitamins and minerals. All of the products are free of any pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMO), unadulterated, and safe for consumption.

Bio Factor can match taste profile to our client specifications or we can help develop a unique taste by collaborating with our clients.

Bio Factor Group is also able to custom create and develop, and subsequently produce instant thermostable flavors based on US Food and Drug Administration approved for hot beverages extracts. We can improve quality of clients' blends and will fix possible weaknesses of ground roasted or instant, blends with the help of natural Coffee Substitutes. Client has a vast selection flavors and extracts combinations to choose from. Final products are thermostable – Ideal for hot beverages use. Custom flavors, compositions and combinations of single flavors are available. Our experienced testers will work with clients' requirements to achieve required results.

Our quality control guidelines include ensuring our standards through independent lab testing and having available to our customers such results.

Bio Factor also offers individualized private-label packaging, with a range of wholesale products. We have several options available from a simple product packaging, to a full private label program with custom blends, private label design packaging, bulk programs and displays. Bio Factor Group packaging facilities utilize the latest technology to manufacture and ship our product.

Instant Chicory, Instant Barley, Coffee Substitutes, Morganville, NJ